RadiyahH622 (2)

Hi, I'm new to Repl.it and I was wondering what a spectator is? My friend was helping me code, and she exited the page by mistake. Then, a profile came on, with the role of a spectator. So please, if you know what this is, please tell me.

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eankeen (672)

Welcome to repl.it! :D
Yah so when someone is in "spectator mode", the website follows the person you're spectating. For example, if you and I start some multiplayer session, I have the ability to spectate you. If I'm spectating you while you move from the file file1.js to file2.js, my screen will also change and will show the contents of file2.js (instead of file1.js). I'll also be able to see which line number you're typing on.
If I remember correctly, you can exit spectator mode by beginning to type in any file, or if you click away to a different file.

Hopefully I was able to help =P

RadiyahH622 (2)

@eankeen Oh thank you! This was major help! :) And, thanks for the warm welcome!