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Stack overflow Bot

I noticed that some people on stack overflow seem a bit mean, and I was wondering if we could try making a bot in order to answer questions politely be feeding it information from our ask page

Zavexeon (1041)

Remember that StackOverflow is a professional environment. Most of the people there are professional programmers who, well, program for a living.

I do agree though, the members aren't outright "jerks", but they do come off as a bit abrasive and sometimes condescending.


@Zavexeon yes, and some people do mean to be nice, however their are some elitists

mwilki7 (1079)

You are definitely not the only one.

I'm not sure what it is about stackoverflow that lent itself to develop such a user base.
It could be the strictness about what questions are allowed to be asked or that all the common users are professional software engineers.

I don't see that becoming a problem with though, since the user base is relatively younger than stackoverflow and the question guidelines aren't nearly as strict. Though it might have its downsides, relaxed rules will permit non-serious answers.

a5rocks (785)

Well, I mean, our ask page doesn't get answers very quickly xd.


@a5rocks but the answers are polite, and stack overflow is fast.