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Student access to the "talk" feature
echase (11)

Good morning!
I'm currently trying to find a good way to teach Python to my 8th graders this upcoming school year (and would be PERFECT), but the "talk" feature could be problematic from a privacy stand-point. Is there anyway to restrict students' access to "talk"?


Zavexeon (927)

Could you possibly block the route and leave the rest of open?

Masy (26)

@echase I suggest Zavexoen's suggestions, its the most ethical and easy way

NathanHughes1 (0)

@echase As they ^^^ have mentioned, communicating with your schools Server Administrator/Technology staff would probably be the easiest route to take. Although depending on what your school is using, they could add the route to the firewall or other various ways. Although possible for the Repl team to work on an "educational" version per say, it may take extra time and effort which would be up to the team.

a5rocks (671)

@Zavexeon pretty sure said option is impossible, due to TLS (HTTPS). You CAN block a domain / subdomain, just not a path. At least, thats the way it would seem to me.

Zavexeon (927)

@a5rocks Depends if they're using blocking software that can do such a thing. (Builtin browser blacklisting probably wouldn't work)

echase (11)

@Zavexeon Unfortunately this wouldn't work, as students could log into the system from a non-school device and access it in other ways.

Zavexeon (927)

Well then, may want to post in as a feature request. Seems like doesn't support it yet, and it is a good idea.

rediar (215)

Maybe... you could tell them not too

Zavexeon (927)

@rediar Temptation is a powerful thing, my friend.

Masy (26)

I suggest contacting and see if they can customize the classroom features for your students

echase (11)

@Masy This is what I would like to do, but haven't heard back yet from them. I emailed [email protected] If anyone knows a better address please let me know.