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Teacher Collaboration Issues
nirnear (3)

Hi, we are TEALS volunteers using REPL.IT to teach Python in a local high-school in WA State (Roslyn Cle Elum).

We have the teacher of the class apply for the K12 free account, so that he could add us three volunteer teachers, but for some reason only my account (nirnear) joined the class he created. The other teachers get the Payment page when they try to navigate to the teacher dashboard on their account.

Could you help us figure this out?

Thanks! Nir

launchcode (0)

We are having the same issue here, also with the K12 account and have had no known issues adding teachers to classrooms before last month. Only a portion of our invited teachers are able to access the classroom while the others receive a message to sign up for Classroom Pro.

Thanks for looking into this.

PDanielY (1091)

They have to add the teacher role in and if that doesn't work it could be that the person that you are trying to join doesn't have a plan that allows them to have more than 2 teachers

nirnear (3)

Thanks @PDanielY! We'll reach out to see if the collaboration is limited to two teachers. I will update here what I discover.

nirnear (3)

@PDanielY, I confirmed collaboration is unlimited, so it's something else... Will keep searching.