been working on this one for a while now i need help would be greatly appreciated
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Exercise Three:
// Create a function called 'sayMyName'. It will take one parameter. Call this
// parameter 'myName'. Return the phrase "Hello, my name is " and the myName parameter.
// eg: if name is 'Dan' it should return the string: 'Hello, my name is Dan'.

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d_d (1)

There are two things going on in your code sample: function declaration (where you use the function keyword, give your function a name, define its parameters, and define what it does), and function invocation (where you invoke your function and pass in the name that you want it to respond with).

In your function declaration, you should use myName as a parameter name, since that's what your exercise asks for. The function return value should include myName, since otherwise your function doesn't know that you want it to use the name: return 'Hello, my name is' + myName;
If you're confused by this line, look up string concatenation.

After you've declared your function, you can use it by referring to its name, sayMyName(). If you don't put anything in the parentheses, you're not passing anything to the myName parameter. If you put a string in the parentheses -'William', for example - that string will take the place of myName inside of your function declaration.