Where did Nathan go?
BenOfWillis (35)

Hello, I recently received an email from Amjad and although I am overjoyed at the contact I wonder what happened to my regular correspondent: Nathan. I usually receive an email from Nathan about once a week but he seems to have been replaced, this information is deeply troubling to me and until I know that Nathan is safe and sound I will not be able to enjoy my christmas. I have included a picture of Nathan so he can be identified, thank you for your help.

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Answered by Water_Wizard (34) [earned 5 cycles]
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dazzyalice (8)

This is deeply troubling news. I'm sure you are devastated in this time of great grievance. However, you must stay strong. I'm sure Nathan will come back soon. Have faith, and hope shall prevail. I believe in you, as you continue this long and harrowing journey in search of Nathan. Good luck.