Assignment 11; Intro to objects
Paultheriault (9)

//Having trouble reassigning the value of the userObject phoneNumber. How does one write a replacement in a single variable function?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
function exerciseThree(userObject){
// Exercise Three: In this exercise you will be given an object called 'userObject'
// The phonne number for this user is incorrect!
// reassign the 'phoneNumber' key to the value: '(951)867-5309'
// return the userObject
const phoneNumber = ['userObject'];
userObject[0] = "(951)867-5309";

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vedprad1 (853)

This is in js:
I think you are very confused on how to work with objects. I would go to to learn more. Here is the answer, though:

function exerciseThree(userObject) {
  userObject.phoneNumber = '(951)867-5309';
  return userObject;

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Paultheriault (9)

@vedprad1 Thank you. Needed to take a break as I was getting extremely mixed up.

vedprad1 (853)

@Paultheriault : Could you please mark my answer as correct? Thanks!