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Thread with the best bots
amasad (1839)

I'm talking to the nice people at Discord on Friday and I want to convince them to partner with us on Discord bots. To make a semi-official place to build and deploy discord bots.

I want to show them some examples. So please paste here your discord bot with maybe a screenshot of what it does.

Thank you

21natzil (967)

This is a bot I made that uses disco-py. It's for a video game called MTGPQ, and allows for people to lookup cards, just like the mtg bot on reddit using [[card name]].

I also started working on a discord library for python for a while, but it became messy and I didn't want to refactor it. However it does work, and you can find "discordy" here

HappyFakeboulde (215)

uh i'm not sure exactly what you mean
i'll try

BotName: HappyFakeBoulderBot2
Prefix: %
Help command: %help
Capabilities: Various random things, such as echoing, displaying the illuminati, random number generation, user file management, and more.
Source code:
Status: Technically unfinished, although development is rare.
Add permissions as desired, only requires reading messages and sending messages.
If you have any questions, respond to this post.
Screenshot of performing in attached image.