CullenDAvello (18)

OK I've been making a game for a little bit, lots of rectangles not many patterns so I've finally decided to use a tile set but i don't know how can anyone help? i have the file but i don't know how to incorporate it, can anyone help?
----here's my game

!!!! file can be found in assets>PNG's>Dungeon_Tileset.png

A side-note to @SPQR i have been very inactive recently but i'm back now if anyone could help, it would be you.

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SPQR (477)

Sorry for the (very) late response, I've been out of state and thus away from my computer for about a week and a half.

@mwilki7 did a really good job of explaining this, and there isn't really much else to be said. If you end up needing anything else, though, just @ me. :)