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Timeout 2s when running mocha test on Node.js application for Ethereum Dapp using web3.js
divyanshugupta (1)

Node.js and Mocha Beginner
In this repl I''m building an ethereum dapp which makes use of web3.js (v 1.0.0-beta.26)
I'm using web3.eth.getAccounts() and web3.eth.Contract().deploy.send() both of which are asynchronous and return promises.
The tests were working with till I was using only web3.eth.getAccounts() but started failing when I added the web3.eth.Contract().deploy.send()
I have used async and await to ensure the promises are resolved yet on running the index.js, mocha says that Timeout 2s exceeded. async test and hooks must be return done(); if promises are returned then ensure they are resolved.

The tests are written inside 'test/Inbox.test.js' and test script is set to : scripts : { test : "mocha"}