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Tkinter availability
danieldiggs (1)

Has anyone gotten tkinter to work yet? I'm getting a "Display is not capable of DPMS error" when running a forked copy of their example

This error was because our school system was blocking... something? Works fine at my home

SangeetS (1)

Here is the link to my code:
The misbehaving code is under
As y'all said before, the "Display is not capable of DPMS" error doesn't mean anything, but for some reason, it doesn't work. It is supposed to create an applet that only names itself 'All Me,' but the output is just the console saying, 'Hello World' and the DPMS error. Please HEELP!!!

btw: this is in java

ArchieMaclean (794)

That error is standard, and is nothing to do with the display not working. It didn't work with me either first, but I think refreshing fixed it.
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Brionna (1)

@ArchieMaclean refreshing dint work, is there anything else i can do?

ArchieMaclean (794)

@Brionna Try forking the repl, or give a link so I can see it.

danieldiggs (1)

@ArchieMaclean I believe our school's wifi is just blocking the port. I'll check when I go home and see if I get the same issue