Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3034)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


Also on le twatter: https://twitter.com/replit/status/1275525512861900800

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AnthonyMouse (56)

To improve on that idea, try spelling everything backward!

".tnemmoc a si sihT"

.rewsna deman elbairav wen a etaerC
.01 fo eulav eht erots rewsna deman elbairav eht evaH

"!rettam gnilleps dna rammarg ,tegrof t'noD"

:gniwollof eht od neht ,01 ot lauqe si rewsna elbairav eht fI
.elbairav eht ot 5 fo eulav a ddA .1  
.noitseuq deman elbairav wen a etaerC .2  
:gniwollof eht od ,esiwrehtO
.noitcnuf eht tixE .1