Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3034)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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DungeonMaster00 (163)

TortureLang: more annoying than brainf***


  • File extension: .tl.
  • must have as many semicolons as there are other characters on line
  • you cannot have whitespace before actual code.
  • no way to comment
  • just says boo, you suck! when there's an error
  • processes 4 lines in one second.
  • can only process 32 lines of code.
  • you have to wait an hour before output


Print syntax:

you must write the string on as many new lines as there are characters in string to print each character

1   Writethislineinconsole "Hello world!";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
5   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
6   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
7   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
8   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
9   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
10  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
11  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
12  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
13  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will Supposed to output:

Hello world!

Capture input, variable, and if statement syntax:

there are only three available variable names and here they are:

  • VaRiAbLe01
  • MYSecoNdvarIABle
  • ThIsistHEthiRdaNDlaSTVariabLe
    Also, this is the variable assigning sequence, =-_-__=_=
    For if statements, the entire output is in braces ({}) and you can only have one in the entire program
1   variable VaRiAbLe01 =-_-__=_= captureuserinput ">> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   if VaRiAbLe01 = "Joemama" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Writethislineinconsole "is fat"{;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   is fat;;;;;;
5   is fat;;;;;;
6   is fat;;;;;;
7   is fat;;;;;;
8   is fat;;;;;;
9   is fat};;;;;;;
10  };

Else syntax:

Elses work the same way ifs do
Same example with else statement:

1   variable VaRiAbLe01 =-_-__=_= captureuserinput ">> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   if VaRiAbLe01 = "Joemama" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Writethislineinconsole "is fat";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   is fat;;;;;;
5   is fat;;;;;;
6   is fat;;;;;;
7   is fat;;;;;;
8   is fat;;;;;;
9   is fat;;;;;;
10  };
11  else{;;;;;
12  Writethislineinconsole "shut up";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
13  shut up;;;;;;;
16  shut up;;;;;;;
17  shut up;;;;;;;
18  shut up;;;;;;;
19  shut up;;;;;;;
20  shut up;;;;;;;
21  shut up;;;;;;;
22  };

That's about it Here's a sample program:

1   variable VaRiBbLe01 =-_-__=_= 10;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   variable MYSecoNdvarIABle =-_-__=_= captureuserinput "like it? >> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   if MYSecoNdvarIABle =-_-__=_= "yes" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   Writethislineinconsole "u are evil";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
5   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
6   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
7   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
8   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
9   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
10  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
11  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
12  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
13  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
14  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
15  };
16  else{;;;;;
17  Writethislineinconsole "you are so right";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
18  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
19  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
20  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
21  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
22  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
23  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
24  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
25  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
26  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
27  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
28  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
29  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
30  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
31  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
32  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
33  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
34  }

Supposed to output this thing:
like it? >> {enter your choice here}
If you choose yes, it will output the following:
u are evil
If you type anything else, it will output:
you are so righ
The last character was not printed since the computer will ignore anything beyond the 32-line limit.
This is why TortureLang sucks!

Highwayman (1439)

@nk1rwc I like the semicolon idea that would truly be annoying lol

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@Highwayman yeah i bet there's an error in the examples i posted lol

darkmagic1 (3)

@nk1rwc the semicolon idea would finally teach programmers to write shorter lines of code lol

hello1964 (26)

@DungeonMaster00 Ha that would use up your repl storage so fast

AJDevelopment (121)

@hello1964 I would do something really bad to the person who makes this in real life.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

RahulChoubey1 (89)

@DungeonMaster00 Line 34 has a missing semicolon…

Real output:

boo, you suck!(why tho)

NicholasKeller (0)

@DungeonMaster00 I like the error message part cause it is like saying, "figure it out yourself. Need a line? Screw off"