Trouble with class functions, c++
Giothecoder (13)


I am just having trouble getting the functions of encrypt and decrypt to work
at first if I just set the string (stream) to the return object with a = it would work
for the encrypt function but not the decrypt function. Now neither are working!
I suggest if you are just now looking at this post to still read the background info
I made an encryption class containing a key and a group of cipher alphabets with two functions: one to encrypt and one to decrypt.

I input my cipher alphabet seed thing I input my key, every thing is going fine, and then, right after I input my message that I’m going to encrypt, my program just crashes with a return of -1 I think it was.
I did some tests and I am relatively certain that my encrypt and decrypt functions are making the program crash.

Here’s the link to the code...

The cipher alphabet is a polyalphabetic cipher which is basically a series of monoalphabetic ciphers alphabets.
A monoalphabetic cipher being something like
Q = A, W = B,E = C,etc.

When using a polyalphabetic cipher one must also use a key. The key simply tells you which cipher alphabet to use from the group of monoalphabetic ciphers
I First input a monoalphabetic cipher, which I use to make a polyalphabetic cipher by shifting it over for each one in the group, and then I input a key, which tells me how to encrypt the message using the polyalphabetic cipher. Lastly I input the message that I then encrypt, letter by letter.

If you have ABSOLUTELY ANY questions about what I have said, comment. If you have an answer to my question please for gs sake comment I’m dying here.
Thanks :)

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mwilki7 (280)

I just cleaned up some input code and initalized some variables for you.
I'm not sure if the algorithm works but the program finishes now:

Giothecoder (13)

@mwilki7 Thanks! I totally missed that, I put in the variable initializing, but this kept my way of input mostly because I’m told all the time not to mix ways to input stuff and I need the getline function for later when I make it so I can take in more than a word and not have to worry about spaces. Now Though my message string (which is now p) is not being changed by my encrypt function.

the encrypt function is working, but only because I forced stream to
be equal to the return object (like you did) of my encrypt function,
but my decrypt function will not work even when I tried the same
on it.