Unit testing with multiple files.
harmoncodysmith (1)

I am using Classroom with Python, and I have a project where students need to process multiple input files. I notice that once I have multiple files, real.it forces me to have a main.py, and it no longer does auto-grading with Python's unittest. Has anyone succeeded in doing this? I don't want to have a main.py, I just want to use unites and get results. Is there some other way to have input files without adding them in the real Classroom?

A related issue: when I try to delete a file by clicking the 3-dot menu, and press the "Yes, Delete this File" button, nothing happens. The file is not deleted and the dialog does not respond.

Any ideas?


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harmoncodysmith (1)

Actually, I figured this out. I notice that if there is only one .py file, auto grading still works. I'm good now. The interface is a little clunky, though.