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Unreal Engine using C++
MichelleA8 (3)

I'm curious about this game engine that is mostly commonly used. I'm not sure if I want to work in the gaming industry, but I want to ask this either way. So, I have to option to take a class called "Intro to MS Visual C++ .NET," the description is:

Introduction to Visual C++ Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming, the Microsoft .NET Visual Studio, .NET Framework Library, and the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Includes Visual C++ Managed Extensions, control structures, methods, arrays, classes, Active Server Pages (ASP) .NET Web Services, database access, GUI windows forms, windows control, event handling/delegates, files and streams, multithreading, namespaces and assemblies. Emphasis is on building the foundation necessary to thoroughly understand the capabilities of .NET and object-oriented, event-driven client/server GUI software development.

Is this knowledge used in the Unreal game engine? Do I need to know this to use Unreal more 'fluently?' If I don't, what good would knowledge for?

Answered by SPQR (514) [earned 5 cycles]
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SPQR (514)

Not really, that class would be more applied when making applications for Windows from scratch. While Unreal is written in C++ I believe, I don't think this particular class is exactly what you want.

Giothecoder (126)

Technically you don’t have to know anything to use a game engine 😉, that’s half the purpose anyways wouldn’t you say? It creates an environment all fancy for you. So you don’t have to worry about certain things. Personally I think that if you feel you need to know something to help with using a tool that is supposed to facilitate game development, then something is wrong, yes? If your fine with your engine now then why bother?