Use REPI.IT with Pygame Zero?
ValerieGillon (0)


I am trying to use with pygame zero and I can't make it work .

I added a requirements file . But when I click run, it says it does not recognize the keyword Actor

Any idea on how to run pygame zero on this ide?


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eankeen (606)

so if you want to run pygame zero, first, you would wanna create a pygame repl (not a python one).

after you do that, then you would want to follow this documentation:

the documentation states that you need to import pgzrun at the top of the file, and invoke the go function at the end. here is an example:

import pgzrun

WIDTH = 800
HEIGHT = 600

def draw():
    screen.clear(), 300), 30, 'white')


i actually created a working repl, if you want to check it out, here :)

hope i could help

ValerieGillon (0)

@eankeen Great! Thank you so much! :)

eankeen (606)

@ValerieGillon yah, glad i could help out :)