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If you were able to go on a vacation ANYWHERE where would you go and why?

Answered by timmy_i_chen (1036) [earned 5 cycles]
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timmy_i_chen (1036)

I'd go to Hawaii. Again. How can you say no to these beaches?

hayaodeh (178)

@timmy_i_chen then you should probably plan it, what's stopping you?

hayaodeh (178)

@timmy_i_chen not sure about that :) it can be planned for a weekend


@timmy_i_chen That is true, I went snorkeling at Maui and it was so beautiful!

HarveyH (108)

@timmy_i_chen Nice new profile pic Timmy! ^_^

Babbel (58)

I'd definitely go to japan because i love the japanese culture (anime otaku here :P). Unfortunately it is pretty expensive though :/

hayaodeh (178)

Anywhere? I think under the water. if I were able to breathe like a mermaid. I'm super scared of the water and dislike swimming. being a creature that would be able to observe other life would be amazing. Don't you think?

It's either going way up or way down @amasad

amasad (1865)

I'd like to go to the moon. Seeing earth from there and space seems so serene 😌

hayaodeh (178)

@amasad with Elon Musk it's happening soon, let's sign up to that.


@hayaodeh I don't think I have the money to get there xD but it is really beautiful!

JakobNacanaynay (36)

My room. No place better than home.

ByronShipman (2)

I'd want to go to Japan. I like their culture and how smart they are. I also have a friend their I want to see again.


I'd want to go backpacking through Europe

Four_Of_Clubs (86)

Is it sad that my ideal vacation is cutting off all human contact and living solely on the internet for a week?

XavierDD (66)

@Four_Of_Clubs Nice. If I did that I would probly binge watch Naruto Shippūden.

XavierDD (66)

If there were a repl convention in Pennsylvania closer to Pittsburgh I would go there. Why, because I love programming and I'm still learning everyday new things about how to program. I would love to work at repl, but that would be three to four more years before I could even get into college/be 18 years old.


Me I would go to scotland the hills and the castles they are just so beautiful!