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Hi, everyone.

I'm a huge fan of Douglas Hofstadter's book Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. About thirteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds ago I decided to make a NodeJS repl when I saw Bloop as one of the languages that you can select for a repl. I was surprised, and immediately looked up Bloop on google to see if it was popular enough to be on Wikipedia. Sure enough, it was. So I went back to repl.it and made the Bloop repl. And I was surprised to find that it had the exact same syntax as when Douglas Hofstadter created it for his book! So the purpose of this post is to ask when Bloop was added as a supported language for repl.it, and if so, by whom. Thanks, everybody, and have a nice day! :)

So after considering this post for some time, I decided to add this little note: the Bloop compiler uses syntax that differs from GEB. Okay, I guess I'll just learn this modified Bloop, then. Apparently the Bloop code is compiling to JS, which is obvious from this image.

However, (as any avid reader would know from Chapter XIII of the book), Bloop does not allow a common loop construct that we all know and love - while loops. In fact, it is for this purpose that Hofstadter amends Bloop by creating Floop, which allows you to use while-loops in the syntax of MU-LOOP. For more information, check the aforementioned Wikipedia page.

So here's what I'm trying to ask here:
1. Can the repl.it team add support for Floop? (please? I mean they/you already added support to Bloop)
2. Can you make the IDE for Bloop have proper color formatting and all that? I mean, at this point, you just have a text editor for Bloop. Editing Bloop on repl.it is like editing Java on Notepad and compiling and running using javac and java.

Thanks for reading, everybody, and have a nice day!


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