Warning popping up
patricknascime2 (0)

I don't understand why this warning is popping up.

Well, seems like this warning is coming from an array that has two elements.

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vedprad1 (860)

The array num only has 1 element, and you are asking it to create another one, which it cannot do.

To fix this, change line 5 from this:

int num[1], maiorNumero = 0, soma;

to this:

int num[2] = {0, 0};
int maiorNumero = soma;

However, even this has a problem. At that point, you have not defined soma yet. Thus, you cannot set maiorNumero to the value of soma, because soma doesn't exist.

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patricknascime2 (0)

@vedprad1 Thank you for the answer, I make some changes in the code and now is working!