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What are all the Roles?
IreTheKID (277)

What are all the Roles that you can have? Is there a complete list or something?

I've been seeing tags like content creator and detective, and I thought that they were cool so I was wondering.

Answered by Codemonkey51 (803) [earned 5 cycles]
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Codemonkey51 (803)

Moderator, content creator, detective I think that's all

IreTheKID (277)

@Codemonkey51 Oh, really? I thought that there would be more than that...

Codemonkey51 (803)

Lol I think there may be :/ @IreTheKID

Codemonkey51 (803)


That includes things like explorer also tho

IreTheKID (277)

@Codemonkey51 Oooh, now that's very helpful. Thanks! :)

RossJames (288)

@Codemonkey51 I think tester is explorer

Codemonkey51 (803)

No that's it's own thing look :/ @RossJames

Codemonkey51 (803)

Idk I think if you find out what it is you get it :) @DynamicSquid

ChezCoder (1484)

@DynamicSquid detective is probably like bug finding and stuff