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What are the best languages in 2019 to learn?
RyanRana (185)

The title gives it away. Share your opinion . I think it is is python but if you think otherwise say so!

ReshiramWolfu (74)

Python is one, but I like Ren'Py

c4syner (55)

I'm partial to Python :).... However, I would say NodeJS just because web applications are being favored compared to system programs. That's what I'm learning anyways.

PAULX (19)

to beginn i think its brainf because with that language you can better understand how coding works. than you can learn python/java.

Vandesm14 (2218)

@PAULX True, but brainf by nature is supposed to be hard to understand. I'd suggest Turing Machine Language, which works a bit like Brainfuck but is easier to understand.

PAULX (19)

@Vandesm14 but it is not a very big coding language.

PAULX (19)

@Vandesm14 idk but I dealt with it for a few hours and actually understood it to some extent

Vandesm14 (2218)

Nodejs by far. It is expandable, universal, and best of all, easy to learn.

theangryepicbanana (1534)

Probably Rust or Go. Python is not up there at all