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What coding language do you like best?
UndertaleRulez (32)

i know everyone has their preferences and i kinda want to know what yours is!

PYer (3404)

Upvote If You Like Python!

ash15khng (685)

Just kidding I like python :) (its about the only thing i know)

timmy_i_chen (1098)

Javascript gets my vote - such a joy to write in. It might also be because I stopped writing in other languages after coming to ;)

amasad (2518)

I'm most productive in JavaScript. I used to say it's my favorite language too but I have to say that I don't enjoy it as much. The language changed and became better by engineering standards (it scales better for large applications) but lost it's simplicity and it's now bloated. For example there used to be one kind of function now there is arrow function, arrow with body, generators, async, methods, and class constructors. Going from one to six, that is an explosion in complexity.

I often go back to Scheme because I love simplicity and I think in programming, where half the job is to tame complexity, the programming language should encourage that, and unfortunately, JavaScript, as evident from the tooling and current best practices is the opposite -- it encourages bloat.

While I do some recreational coding in Scheme, for production purposes I now go with Go. Go, IMO, strikes the right valance between simplicity and usability. The language is small enough that you can pick it up in a day. And the standard library has most of what you need for server programming. That's why we use it for's infrastructure.

P.s. I moved this question to AMA because it fits better in this board being a question :)

JSer (679)

@amasad For example there used to be one kind of function now there is arrow function, arrow with body, generators, async, methods, and class constructors. Going from one to six, that is an explosion in complexity.
In ES6 they added those features to let people code more comfortably. However if you don't enjoy those features, you can still write ES5 (JavaScript is backwards compatible), as you used to.

amasad (2518)

@JSer you never code in a vacuum, you code with other people and use open-source and once the feature is out then people will use it. Read this post to understand what I mean about functions

JSer (679)

For me, it's definitely JavaScript.

JavaScript had changed a lot recently and users have better and better experiences writing it. The language had improved a lot (from ES5 to ES6+). The cool thing is, you can write JavaScript for both front-end and back-end (Node.js), so you won't have to learn a new language. Additionally, the JavaScript ecosystem is built by a lot of ppl around the world. There is a new JavaScript framework (for both front and back-end) every week. Today, you can even use JavaScript on native mobile apps (react native). The well-known cross-platform messaging app Discord, also uses Electron (Node.js framework) and React Native for their client apps.

By the way, as far as I know, a lot of developers hate JavaScript. The main reason I think, is because when they use JavaScript, it was only ES5 or older (which sucks a lot), so they have bad impressions about JavaScript. Therefore, I recommend ppl who had used JavaScript long time ago, to try out JavaScript today.

CoolqB (141)

Python is an all round winner for me, especially when you get to know Cython.
Contrary to that, Rust is making it's way up my list ;)

Appleloop06 (5)

i like js end of story bye

Lumpy_Wiggles (84)

Kind of a tie between python and JS. Python is great for server scripts, but on the other hand, JS is all around.

basicer (4)

Javascript for sure. NPM is just too rich, and you can get both your client and server side logic knocked out in the same language. Plus it mostly stays out of your way for smaller projects where you just want to knock stuff out.

theangryepicbanana (1625)

Ruby, Perl 6, and JavaScript

CSharpIsGud (549)

C#, i would say C or C++ but the trouble i have had with them outweighs the trouble C# has given me

mmcdermotttcsp (20)

PYTHON!(its the only thing I know so ya...python)

moudy (110)

I have a similar opinion to @amasad. I get the most done in JavaScript. It's nice to be able to work with the same language on the server and client. But yeah, it's a little messy with all the different ways to do things.

But Go is really straight forward. I'm always surprised how much more robust the programs I write in Go are compared to JavaScript. The compiler catches a bunch of silly errors right away. Also, having strong formatting conventions with gofmt is great.

I had high hopes for Swift for a while. I think it's a nice language on paper but annoying to work with in practice. XCode has never felt stable to me for very long and using other editors isn't straightforward.

OwenBradstreet (103)

Python 3 - it's easy to use and learn, but not hindered in power because of it.
Java is closely behind, but it's a lot harder to learn and use - not worth the effort in my opinion when Python is around :)


UndertaleRulez (32)

ya know @OwenBradstreet you don't have to type your name at the bottom like its a letter, but if its what you prefer then u do u

UndertaleRulez (32)

Ill go first, my favorite is Python3 because at the moment its the only one that i know how to use