What coding language do you like best?
UndertaleRulez (32)

i know everyone has their preferences and i kinda want to know what yours is!

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JSer (679)

For me, it's definitely JavaScript.

JavaScript had changed a lot recently and users have better and better experiences writing it. The language had improved a lot (from ES5 to ES6+). The cool thing is, you can write JavaScript for both front-end and back-end (Node.js), so you won't have to learn a new language. Additionally, the JavaScript ecosystem is built by a lot of ppl around the world. There is a new JavaScript framework (for both front and back-end) every week. Today, you can even use JavaScript on native mobile apps (react native). The well-known cross-platform messaging app Discord, also uses Electron (Node.js framework) and React Native for their client apps.

By the way, as far as I know, a lot of developers hate JavaScript. The main reason I think, is because when they use JavaScript, it was only ES5 or older (which sucks a lot), so they have bad impressions about JavaScript. Therefore, I recommend ppl who had used JavaScript long time ago, to try out JavaScript today.