What do I need to get repl to work
zleap (0)

Repl.it works fine in Chromium, however in firefox I seem to get the following. The status bar thing just moves across then moves over again (don't know the proper technical term for it ). At the top it just says loading. I just wondered what plug ins for Firefox are needed to get the website working. please.

I am fine using chromium, just would like to know why firefox refuses to play properly. This would be helpful in other locations I may not have access to chromium. Thanks

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zleap (0)

@vedprad1 Thanks, so it is not just me then, I don't think it is my connection as I can switch to chromium and it works fine.

I would guess that the repl.it website is quite complex, I just wondered if there is a way to have a sort of diagnose button on the website, which can run a script to check what pre-requisites are installed in the browser. It may help users figure out what exactly is missing ( I am kinda assuming javascript, but it could be something else. )
Clearly on chromium what ever is needed is there, perhaps if this can then be presented on screen as simple text, it can be copied / pasted in to this forum, along with the browser and OS info (which you can generally also find out with some web site wizardry It may help developers figure out what is wrong or missing.

Problem here is that if that tool uses javaacript and that is missing or disabled for security reasons, it may not work but maybe there is away round that.

Just an idea as it may help the site developers too.