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What do people think.
MarkSandow (2)

I don't know what to do. I thought it is cool but I want to know what other people think.

Answered by LoveFromSkyy (103) [earned 5 cycles]
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LoveFromSkyy (103)

@MarkSandow It is good. I would make a few edits. You can use the clear() function by doing from replit import clear that will allow you to clear the screen each time a new line appears. You should also make it so that the player knows their options. I had to scroll through the code to find out what to type. Other than that, you are doing great with coding! Good luck!


Here are some

  • try using classes instead of nested if statements
  • use os module for clearing the console
  • try using more functions

Other than that, pretty good.

JBloves27 (1516)

Hi! Anyways, some suggestions are:

  • add os module, do `os.system('clear') to clear the console
  • Use print() or print("\n") to make a new line

I hope this helps!

bellabonura21 (89)

I think that is pretty good. You should do different options thought.. i mean if you are being crazy and trying to make no sense.. thats amazing.. but the dog.. i dotn think goes in africs.. you could say trying to save.. idk some type of african animal.. make it more....general. Unless you are going crazy(which i would do) Then change a few things and make it seem realistic. That is just what i think. But I like the way you did it. It looks fine to me!