What do you do for keeping your concentration while coding?
enigma_dev (7038)

Many people i know have problems concentraing while coding. What is your tip for staying concentrated and focused? I listen to Nirvana, because somehow kurt Cobains voice helps me being focused. Also, I found this great webpage https://musicforprogramming.net/ I recommend it, the music is pretty neat.

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SPQR (494)

I haven't yet had the problem of NEEDING to stay focused, if I'm programming something i'm interested in, I'll just do it and enjoy it, and if i'm coding something that's just ok, I'll work on it when I'm in the mood. However, I sometimes listen to soundtracks or songs on repeat, repetition in the background i think helps keep me focused.

enigma_dev (7038)

@SPQR I read about that before. repetition and clear, rhytmic music helps your focus apparently.