What do you do for keeping your concentration while coding?
enigma_dev (7041)

Many people i know have problems concentraing while coding. What is your tip for staying concentrated and focused? I listen to Nirvana, because somehow kurt Cobains voice helps me being focused. Also, I found this great webpage https://musicforprogramming.net/ I recommend it, the music is pretty neat.

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EthanJustice (63)

Like a lot of the people commenting on this thread, I haven't really had trouble focusing on programming if I have a goal/deadline to fulfill or I'm really determined. That being said, I do also listen to music, notably rock n' roll, with bands like Rage Against the Machine covering Bob Dylan. A lot of songs with strong messages and riffs/solos. My Playlist. I also guzzle coffee. That may help, but I have a high resistance so I don't shake/spasm that much.