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What exactly does "cycles" mean?
Zwxwvut (9)

After someones username, there is a number in parenthesis. Ex: @Zwxwvut(6)
When you mouse over the number, it says "cycles." Does this mean anything special? Thanks!

Answered by TheDrone7 (989) [earned 5 cycles]
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TheDrone7 (989)

Cycles are's karma points. In simpler words - they're the total number of upvotes your comments/posts have on repl talk. You also get 5 cycles for best answer to questions in repl talk's ask board. (Mark this is the correct answer and refresh the page to see it in effect)

heyitsmarcus (308)

Mark this is the correct answer and refresh the page to see it in effect


katyadee (1193)

@TheDrone7 Smart. I like your style.

TheDrone7 (989)

@katyadee it's stolen from @mat1 you see. :-P

katyadee (1193)

The other answers are correct! I'd love to know what you think about Cycles.

mat1 (3261)

Cycles are the amount of total upvotes that a user has on their posts and comments. You also get five cycles at a time when your comment gets marked as the answer on Repl Talk Ask.
You can view this in action by clicking the check mark next to my comment and reloading the page.

heyitsmarcus (308)

Cycles are's version of karma on Reddit, upvotes on Stack Overflow, etc. Whenever someone upvotes a post, comment, etc. of yours, your cycles go up by 1. If someone accepts your comment as an Accepted Answer in the Ask community, your cycles go up by 5.

It's really just a way to show that you're active in the community :)