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What is the 'Contect Creator' tag?
Jalcon (26)

We were just wondering what the contect creator tag means on your repl account:

We know the 'hacker' tag means a hacker account, we were just wondering what the 'content creator' tag meant.

Answered by PYer (3258) [earned 5 cycles]
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PYer (3258)

A content creator tag is given to people the team thinks wrote a nice and thoughtful tutorial in learn. Just because you post one, doesn't mean you will get it. The team must like it.


@PYer Thanks! I was wondering, but know I know!


@PYer U wanna do a collab with me and my friends?


@PYer It's gonna be ping pong

PYer (3258)

not right now, I have so many projects that I need to work on. (I had to write them on paper and if filled up a page and a half (college ruled)) @EDKTHEPRO


@PYer Oh ok tell me when you can

bob2424 (6)

I was wondering that too!