What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
enigma_dev (92)

Well, the title says the most. Just searching for a new one to learn. Mine is in fact, Python 3.7. I like Python 3.7, because it runs on like everything, even on my small raspi zero.
Mh I should add that I, in this moment, I speak Python, R, in advanced 8/10 levels of skill, HTML in beginner level, as I do in CSS and C++. JS in mid levels of skill

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Answered by Kognise (226) [earned 5 cycles]
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SPQR (414)

Depends on what you want to do with it. If you're looking for anything web related, I'd recommend JavaScript (and perhaps HTML and CSS), because it's by far the most common and useful language for that purpose. If you're looking to make anything desktop-based, I'd recommend C++, especially if you want to run it on your Raspberry Pi, because C++ is extremely optimized for performance and has a lot of low-level hardware access. However I won't lie to you, C++ is a bit tricky to learn, and a significant step up from python, so only get into that if you think you're up for it. To be fair, though, C++ is the only language I'm currently familiar with, so I'm a bit biased.

enigma_dev (92)

@SPQR C++ is really great, and I looked into it some months ago and did some cool stuff with it. Tho, I may look into it, my level was like 4/10 and I read it is pretty useful while studyin later..