What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
enigma_dev (91)

Well, the title says the most. Just searching for a new one to learn. Mine is in fact, Python 3.7. I like Python 3.7, because it runs on like everything, even on my small raspi zero.
Mh I should add that I, in this moment, I speak Python, R, in advanced 8/10 levels of skill, HTML in beginner level, as I do in CSS and C++. JS in mid levels of skill

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Answered by Kognise (226) [earned 5 cycles]
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rediar (101)

@ArchieMaclean actually, many websites use python! Instagram uses Django, a python framework, and many others use Flask, a micro framework. Python is spectacular for machine learning, and is a great all purpose language with a lot of features.