What is the problem with the C# interpreter in Repl?
BryceHanna (0)

So I just got repl, and I was fooling around with a test C# project I just created. I noticed that when I typed a keyword, like "Console" and tried to access the functions using ".", the built in repl interpreter did not give me any suggestions on how to complete it. After futher testing, the interpreter did not even detect a missing semicolon. I know this is a VERY small issue, but I would really like to know if my functions and variables are typed correctly. This really cuts down on developement time as I do not have to run the program to detect syntax errors.

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a5rocks (774)

This is probably more suited for https://repl.it/feedback but repl.it provides what should be a direct connection to the REPL provided by Mono, so that's the most they will probably add.