What is wrong with my login?
AzureScripts (150)

I am trying to make a very secure login, not advanced, but basic.
And it works perfectly fine!

However, it only works fine for one of the users.
Here are some credentials that you can use to test

This one works perfectly fine
Username: oof
Password: oof

However, this one doesn't
Username: leon
Password: owner

What am i doing wrong?


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Answered by JustARatherRidi (191) [earned 5 cycles]
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JustARatherRidi (191)

@AzureScripts No problem at all!

I'm a little busy with school as of now, so I can't commit to being able to work on things :/

If you want any help in what you're doing though, hit me up on Discord @ARatherLongUsername#3145 and I'll look into it when I can!