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What language should I learn next?
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I've been programming for about five or six years of my life, and throughout those years I have accumulated knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (all of which I have almost entirely forgotten) and I recently (about a year or so ago) got back into coding with C++. I really enjoy C++, but most of my time spent coding is at school on a Chromebook, so I'm forced to use browser compilers. is the best of these compilers that i've seen by a long shot, but due to the limitations by nature of C++ in a browser, it tends to leave me wanting more. So, I'm thinking about taking up another language on the side. Should I pick up another language, and if so, which one? (I'm still going to do C++ no matter what, it's just a matter of having something else as well.)

So, the criteria for a new language is as follows:
-Must be fast and powerful like C++ (my, do I love C++)
-Must run well on because that's what I do most of my coding on
-Must be widely used (I want something with a lot of potential applications)

I've come up with two potential candidates on my own:
-The classic HTML/CSS/JS combo

Both of which I have done a bit with in the past, especially JS. I've forgotten it, though, because it's been a good three years since I did anything with it.
But yes any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated :)