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What python would you like to see?
AzureScripts (166)

I am currently all out of ideas for me to develop, leave some and i'll create it for you.

gaandu (0)

hey bruh ,
I need some help from u , can i have ur gmail or something ?

MatthewDoan1 (327)

An actual text-based RPG with items and the whole shabang is always fun to mess around with.

malvoliothegood (732)

I have looked at some of your python programs. I think you should write some programs using classes. Also, how about using TKinter?

AzureScripts (166)

tried tkinter, never got used to it on repl... @malvoliothegood

malvoliothegood (732)

It's pretty clunky. How about learn another language, say Javascript, then you could learn how to use React.