What should we code?
katyadee (1158)

I've seen a couple of posts around here where people are asking what they should work on next. Let's use this space to brainstorm some cool projects.

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dotcomboom (67)

Honestly I'd like to see a flexible student planner/to do list. More of an agenda feel, but letting you set class times and schedules if you want (don't require it to add a class though; this is what bothered me with My Study Life since my schedules always become inconsistent). Also importing from places like Moodle would be a plus and a huge timesaver. And syncing across devices for offline usage!

katyadee (1158)

@dotcomboom I love that we're all on the same page about this! Someone should create it.

SkyyCivil (94)

Ill see what I can do...

PDanielY (534)

@SkyyCivil did you ever create it?