What should we code?
katyadee (1158)

I've seen a couple of posts around here where people are asking what they should work on next. Let's use this space to brainstorm some cool projects.

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replitcode (103)

So HI guys! I think most of you know me, if you don't then hi I'm Lukas (aka Replitcode) and i was told by Enigma of the WhizNerdz that if you want to create new apps/games/langs/basically anything, then you should come and join the WhizNerdz Discord Server! We are looking for 2 admins and 2 moderators, and it will be on a first come first serve basis! Can't wait to see you there!!!

ryanhcode (91)

If you want people to join you should post the invite code @replitcode

ryanhcode (91)

Do you have an invite code? @replitcode