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What was your first language and what did you make with it?
katyadee (1221)

What was your first language and what did you make with it?

Me... I learned some rudimentary HTML & CSS on Neopets and made a fan site for MTV TRL veejay Jesse Camp, who was my celeb crush at the time. (Bonus points for anyone old enough to remember him.) I think that counts, right?

theangryepicbanana (1639)

My first language was ProcessingJS on Khan Academy (which I highly recommend learning if you like making games). The first "real" thing I made was a game called "Boxx", which was a maze/action game where you controlled a square while avoiding red rectangles. Since I was new to programming, there is no actual collision detection for the rectangles. If you want to take a look at it, here's the link:

Mogboella (3)

C++, used it in a coding contest, I just wanted to win and go to Japan. Didn't really make anything just solved coding challenges.

Mogboella (3)

@katyadee Nope. I was swindled by 'the man'.... but I'm over it.


@Mogboella whos 'the man'?

Mogboella (3)

@RoylatGnail the government, the patriarchy, whatever you want to call it. The first four people in the country were meant to go International, I was 3rd place and the only female contestant . I was super excited then I get called up to a meeting and I’m told that there’s no funding for me to go

algore (23)

The first language was LUA in 2009 when I was 8 and I was making Roblox scripts with it.

eankeen (1339)

In practice, JavaScript. I made a website for my Robotics Club since the previous one lacked content and functionality. If anyonewants to check it out, it's here. It's not the first thing I made when I started the language, though. I have done Java and C++ preciously, but nothing substantial resulted from that. It's likely that I tried to program JavaScript years before I tried C++ but I don't even remember at this point.

HazTheWaz (193)

JS (kinda) and I helped someone make commands for a discord bot

katyadee (1221)

@HazTheWaz Cool! What was the Discord server?

HazTheWaz (193)

@katyadee it's a youtuber's "active" discord server. the bot was since abandoned because the guy who had the bot account created got banned. (and that revoked the token)

YipCubed (6)

Basic - I copied code from a magazine that I did not understand with lots of PEEK and POKE commands. It made lines scroll up and down on my television screen!



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liltaco (69)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL don't beg for upvotes in bold, it makes me not want to upvote



Snowflake (47)

The first thing I made (that I still remember to this day) was a modification for Minecraft in Java and after that I started to love programming

Snowflake (47)

@katyadee I don't really remember, because I made it 3 years ago but I think it added some new blocks

a5rocks (793)

Me: KhanAcademy... Because I thought it was so cool... Then I gave up until making a CYOA (choose your own adventure). Something around those lines. Then my friends introduced me to repl.

katyadee (1221)

@a5rocks Do you remember what your game was about?

a5rocks (793)

@katyadee I think... A butcher? Ummmmm... Yeah, something really stupid like that...

Though now I'm pretty sure I had an earlier exposure to python, since I played around with a raspberry pi's python 3 and printed lists of classmates, etc. since someone brought a raspberry pi to school.

katyadee (1221)

@a5rocks I was in school so long ago that if someone said "raspberry pi" they'd be like, "Does it have peanuts in it? Jim's allergic."

ebest (635)

@katyadee HAHAHAHA

wait a moment

it's raspberry flavored pie?

or is it the average circumference of a raspberry?

TheDrone7 (1343)

The language was Qbasic. I used it to build everything from a hello world to an asteroid game and Flappy Bird game. I never used it for windows GUI development though.

PythinPython (7)

A simple spiral in Python turtle.

badvillain01 (82)

Js and made a simple number generator when button was school project

badvillain01 (82)

@katyadee Intro to computer programming...we did basic html, css, js, and py

foxs2023 (0)

My first language was python, and I made Flappy Bird (a really bad, glitchy version lol). I then learnt Javascript and made a couple of weird games with that. My third language was HTML & CSS and I have made a few websites.
I am wanting to learn some other languages, but I'm not sure which ones yet.

PAULX (20)

my very first programming language was SCRATCH.
but my first "realy" language was a littel bit html because grandpa teached me in that language xD

Haaruun (95)

My first was QBasic, my dad gave me a book when i was 7 i think and it went way over my head.

JacobMacLeod (11)

When I was 8 or so, my Dad, who knew programming, helped me make a program where you could enter the name of an animal and it would give you information about that animal.
It was in swift, on Xcode. I didn't understand much since I was young, new to programming and it referenced lots of complex terms that I knew nothing about, but at least I did do a program.
I remember showing it to my relatives, feeling very proud of it, but looking back, I think they felt quite underwhelmed - I had done a massive build-up prior to showing it to them, but the actual thing was... mediocre and average.

katyadee (1221)

@JacobMacLeod Nah! I bet they thought it was cool.

Pyron (4)

html & css for me as well... except it was to make my MySpace "cool".
God I am old too

TimothyAnderso1 (119)

My Very First Serious Language was Javascript, where i spent 2 days making a dice game in the console, actually i was sick of that websites compiler for html that brought me here :) Now i mostly do python

Edgod (80)

My first language was TI-BASIC. It's basically QBASIC made for TI calculators. I made a lot of programs to solve algebra formulas and equations for me, and I also made a cookie clicker game.

ebest (635)

My first language was Python and the first thing I did with it was, well, copy GitHub games on Python and change them to be different. Like with the game Snake I made it so that I started as a single head without the body. Fun! No collision with myself then...

SPQR (536)

I mean i learned basic programming concepts from things like Scratch, but the first actual language I used was JS, and i never got past making text based adventures with it (and didnt really do much with that either)


Python, I used to play around on our raspberry pi and the first actual project I created (With my dad, this was a while back), was a guess the number game.

aaah the memories of python 2.5

mkhoi (290)

I bought a programming book for kids (i'm 12), it teaches HTML,CSS,JS but im bad at JS DOM elements so i didnt program with it, technically i first do HTML and CSS

And i made very bad stuff with it. Now i am better, not JS though


my first language was C, and I made a simple russian roulette game for 2 or more players

Murzikal (22)

js, i made a drawing

Zavexeon (1036)

Ruby was my first programming language. My first worthy to share program was:

Right now I'm learning JS.

katyadee (1221)

@Zavexeon Sweet! It's so cool that it happened here.

ElliottBelardo (0)

I learned Python for a while, then switched over to JS and TS. I was also planning on learning Lua at the time, and I still do, because I was a Roblox pleb (not anymore tho).

Vandesm14 (2417)

I first tried to learn Arduino, but got scared and ran to Scratch for about a year. Then I got bored and found my way into JS. I now am working in front-end HTML and back-end Nodejs.

Edit: Even before Arduino, I mastered NXT coding language, but it didn't do me much. After/During Scratch, I got into TI-BASIC as well, but left it for the same reason as I left Scratch