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What's the funniest mistake you've ever seen (or made!) in a line of code?
katyadee (1199)

I'm talking rolling on the floor laughing bad. Like, one of those "I can't breathe" kind of laughter moments.

Show me your best...or worst!

EchoCoding (262)

My worst coding error would probably have to be making a 300+ line program and running it, just to see that my indentation was wrong. Mind you, there were a plethora of indentations :(

katyadee (1199)

@EchoCoding Uh oh. how long did it take to fix?

ryanhcode (89)

Coding an entire python project in a JavaScript REPL and spending hours trying to figure out why I was getting syntax errors.

Imanoob_coder (2)

I was writing an essay for school in a python ide and ran from habit and didnt know why it gve me syntax errors

JustARatherRidi (203)


public boolean checkSomething() {
  if (testSomething() != false ? true : false) {
    return true;
  } else {
    return false;
awesome10 (212)

writing like 300 lines of code and getting a syntax error over and over and changing everything and then realizing i forgot a colon

DavidPen (0)

doing some template modifications on a 5-6 year old wordpress site at work I ran into this little gem from the previous dev (this was attached to a template hook):

function do_rag() {
    echo '<div class="head-wrap">';

Umm..... Let me think. I um... I don’t know XD. Anyone here know a funny mistake I asked about? Or just wandering through my repls?

mwilki7 (1012)

defining a struct that's dependent on another before defining the original struct in C++

typedef struct POINT
	float x, y;
	void   operator+=(const VECTOR v)...
typedef struct VECTOR
	float x, y;

gave me terrible unhelpful linker errors that took hours to figure out

and of course, the classic missing semi-colon error

Steven_The_GuyT (226)

I haven't had any super funny mistakes, but I'll get back to you (after I purposefully code some errors)

Anyways, I would really want to see what the repl community can come up with!