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What's your favorite YouTube programming Channel?
hayaodeh (183)

I follow Clever Programmer, what about you?

DavidRose1 (9)

micheal reeves, the one and only man who has forced someone to dab via electrical shock

(wish he would show more code tho, lots of people didn't like it)

theangryepicbanana (1602)

Wait... yt programming channels exist? Excuse me while I spend my weekend exploring this

a5rocks (779)

thenewboston, The Coding Train, and LiveOverflow (if he's a programming channel) are pretty nice

ChristopherOkor (9)

i watch a small cannel cause i made it and its nice

PAULX (20)

i follow The Morpheus Turtorials, but it is a german youtube channel.

ItsEmpCs (39)

I don't really watch YouTube about programming. I just search up what to do and remembers it. Xd. Would love to have have some tutorials on YouTube though. Is there a good YouTube channel about c++?

katyadee (1193)

My friend highly recommends The Net Ninja. He has some Udemy classes too, which is cool!

eankeen (1207)

I follow the one and only TechLead. I love to watch episodes of TheTechLead that are episodes of TheTechLead. Watching the TheTechLead makes me feel like the one and only Tech Lead. Truly great channel. If you want to watch TheTechLead, hit up a search engine for TheTechLead to find The. Tech. Lead. This Ex-Google TechLead tells you all about programming related skills and jobs. All his videos give great advice about not only how to be TheTechLead, but also give you great motivational advice. Where are my fellow TechLead humans at? Can we get a TechLead in the chat? HYPE!

SPQR (515)

Mine is TheChernoProject because he writes my favorite language in the whole world

AzureScripts (165)

@SPQR I used to watch his "java Game programming tutorial" series. Only got up to episode 6 though

21natzil (1106)

Corey Schafer does some amazing work, tutorials are really a work of art. And while I can't understand most of what LiveOverflow does, it's very cool and entertaining.

AllAwesome497 (356)

i got pinged from this... idk somone who does Ti-Basic or Python 3

badvillain01 (77)


best programming yt channel....but dead