What's your favorite code-related YouTube channel?
katyadee (1166)

What are your favorite YouTube channels to learn to code? I've been getting a lot of mileage out of Tech With Tim. Post your thoughts below! I'm interested in hearing them.

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JustARatherRidi (194)

Hands down, The Coding Train.

The guy can teach quite literally anything. Here's a brief introduction to the things he does.

  • Quite literally programming from scratch, explained in a way that will make you actually want to program.
  • HTML, CSS, and javascript right down from the basics
  • All sorts of tutorials on p5.js, which might be the most fun javascript library to exist
  • He's got a book and a playlist called The Nature of Code which is about simulating real life occurrences with code. You start with how vectors and forces work and go all the way up to learning how to use cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and neural networks.
  • Working with APIs, making your own server, and hosting it.
  • Everything you need to know about or were confused about in ES6
  • Making REST APIs
  • Using Git and Github
  • Machine learning
  • Guest tutorials where other nice people come over to his channel and make things
  • Apart from all this, he's done 148 coding challenges as of today where he makes (usually really freaking cool) things from scratch in a video. These things can be an animation of warp drive, the Mandelbrot set, making multiplayer agario, a maze generator, or implementing a genetic algorithm to a bunch of rockets (that one and some others use principles from the nature of code, which i find fascinating).

The best part is how enthusiastic he is in every one of his videos. You can say he clearly enjoys what he's doing. I'd never have thought that I would watch a video about an OOP principle in the morning to make me happy but that has literally happened. I've seen comments saying things like "I haven't a clue whats going on but I love it" like at least 50 times.

So definitely check him out, I can guarantee he's one of the very best coding-related youtubers out there.