What's your favorite thing about Repl.it? What about your least favorite?
katyadee (1193)

What's your favorite thing about Repl.it/browser-based IDEs in general? What about your least favorite? (Slash if you could add any feature, what would you add?)

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PaoloAmoroso (132)

Favorite: Repl.it is a 101% cloud tool, which is awesome for this Chrome OS enthusiast.

Least favorite: the editor's keystrokes involving Fn function keys are overridden by the corresponding custom keys of Chrome OS devices and keyboards and can't be remapped, which makes those handy Repl.it keystrokes effectively unavailable.

Bonus least favorite: the spam in Repl Talk, such as the posts containing only junk text or nonsense.

Slash: REPLS with optional persistent state.

Vandesm14 (2217)

@PaoloAmoroso You can press the top row keys while holding the Search key to press Fn keys: Hold Search + Arrow Left to press F1