What's your favorite thing about Repl.it? What about your least favorite?
katyadee (1172)

What's your favorite thing about Repl.it/browser-based IDEs in general? What about your least favorite? (Slash if you could add any feature, what would you add?)

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SPQR (494)


  • The Run button (perhaps allow us to use custom bash scripts, we can't use compiler flags or libraries w/o official support without using polygott)
  • Syntax highlighting (the C++ syntax highlighting for example seems to get no attention, red lines EVERYWHERE and it doesn't recognize custom types or classes)

There's other things that I can't think of at the moment, but the idea is that the IDE pretty much is a take it or leave it, there's not much customization that one can do. I believe that amasad said that you guys were going to make a major push for open source over the summer, so if that's the case then I am quite excited. :)

As far as issues with using polygott it's really just that pretty much all the code sense isn't present, which is pretty self explanatory as to why it's a problem. It's not much better than using plain Notepad or any non-formatted text editor. As Thanos says, it's a small price to pay for salvation but it's still not ideal.