Where and how to use command prompt in Repl.it
nftn (2)

I am now learning scrapy. When I use Anaconda App, I can type "scrapy startproject tutorial" in Anaconda prompt or CMD to start a new project, but in repl.it, where shall I input this command? Either Shell or main.py is not applicable to be input, since which cannot run the command.

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Answered by ash15khng (508) [earned 5 cycles]
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nftn (2)

@ash15khng Hi Ash, when I try to save the scrapy data by inputting 'scrapy crawl newproject -o items.json' in the shell, then it proceeded successfully, I input command 'dir' to see all the files under folder newproject, it showed items.json in the shell, but I cannot see it in the folder tree (in the left of the site repl.it layout). And after I refresh the page, I still cannot see this newly created file(items.json). I try 'dir' command again in the shell, neither can I see the files in the shell, it is really strange. Then where is my newly created file items.json? Do you know? Thanks.