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Where are the 32-bit system libraries located? (C++)
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I'm porting an old and very popular game from 1993 onto here, or at least I'm trying to. I don't want to have to rewrite everything to use 64-bit libraries, so does anyone know where I could find the 32 bit libs?

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abc3354 (224)

Hi !
Repls are in 64 bits and does not have 32 bits library.
There is a way to use the 32 bits libs with polygott

You have to use install-pkg to install the 32 bits C lib (libc6 on debian) and then install the needed 32 bits libs.
Some will not be install in a path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and you will have to move them.

This was not really clear, but I have a repl which works on 32 bits here

Replit helper here !
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