Where are the files of installed Python packages stored?
PaoloAmoroso (139)

I’m trying to understand where Repl.it stores the files of Python packages downloaded from PyPI, particularly executable scripts.

Consider for example the pep8 style checker that can be run from a Linux shell by executing the pep8 script. If I use the REPL’s package manager to install this package the script is nowhere in PYTHONPATH. Under '/home/runner/.site-packages', which is listed in sys.path, there’s a pep8.py file that seems the right one but it’s not a directly executable script like the pep8 one mentioned in the package’s documentation.

More generally, where does Repl.it store any installed executable (i.e. that have the +x permission set) bash or Python files in a Python REPL?

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PaoloAmoroso (139)

Thanks to this post and the reply by @NicolasRedmond I found the scripts Python packages install can be run from the shell with python -m scriptname, i.e. python -m pep8 in my original example.