Where does my generated text file go?
Kaideu (0)

I was testing out creating new text files for simple data storing. My code works, but it seems the text file is no where to be found... I thought the file would show up in the files, but it never does, yet I'm still able to access it and grab the previously written data.
Where is the file located physically?? (Using Python)

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Kaideu (0)

@ash15khng Hmm, this would make sense. My program isn't really meant to stop running as I have it "kept alive" using webserver and flask libs.

But since it goes down after 30 minutes being inactive, the file has apparently disappeared. No longer being accessible. Like it was never generated...

However, for some reason, I've used a different computer, but the same browser, and the file generates without having to refresh or stop the program.

I will try this again on my laptop to see if it's an issue with my computer.