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Which Language is better? Javascript (NodeJs) or Python?
Pythonier (314)

Which language do you prefer?

Percentage of votes:
Based off comments
Python: 53.9%
Js: 46.1%

PYer (3584)

PYTHON! You should create a forum that tracks the exact statistics.

bonnym512 (104)


JSer (148)

It really depends on what you wish to do with it. If you're doing web development, JS is of course for the frontend, and Node.js/Python can be used for the backend, but personally I prefer node.js. Besides, Node.js can also be used to produce desktop apps (with Electron) or mobile apps (with React Native), and it turns out that using Node.js is as good as using those language which are for those aspects. On the other hand, if you want language which is quicker to get your job done, or a lot of data processing is involved in your job, Python is a better choice.

minermaniac447 (267)


but in all seriousness, Python. It's got a simpler syntax. I am intermittently learning JS, though, so there's that.

hayaodeh (195)

Not sure, I was learning both. It's said that Python is good for beginners, but I like NodeJs and I was told as a designer it's more important to learn JS. So I think it depends on what do you want to do, and how you'd like to use it.

jasperp (1)

nodejs for the win


Python is good but slow

eankeen (1509)

I prefer JavaScript. It's great, offers GREAT features and has a SUPER GREAT ecosystem of tooling.

ash15khng (704)

I would go for Python.
Also, where are you getting the statistics from?


Depends on what you want to do but python.

noah427 (3)

it doesn't matter what the others say we all know the answer is node

ebest (654)

Python. Of course. Also, just curious, did you rig this? based on your name


Pythonier (314)

@ebest no, I just take the results from the comments. I didn't rig it.

mkhoi (309)

What about the 0.1%? (and also python)

Pythonier (314)

@mkhoi They both are recurring so it adds up to 99.999999999999999. Becuase of your vote it is 60 and 40.

mkhoi (309)

@Pythonier Yay! Im the pacifier!

SPQR (564)

I dont think they're really comprable, they each have entirely different purposes