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Why are we not able to import tensorflow in python?
Kopamed (186)

Lets say I want to create a ML to grind through data or a chatbot or anything which involves analysing data and learing from it. For that I need tensorflow. I understand that there are other libraries such as scikit-learn, but I grew up on tf and learning a ML library is soooo tedious


Why am I not able to

import tensorflow
Taonga07 (11)

on the side there should be a box icon click it and search for tensorflow. i get the above

Taonga07 (11)

i see what you mean it dose not want to import

Taonga07 (11)

@Kopamed i think this is the tensorflow website you should be able to download it to your computer.

Taonga07 (11)

the next step is to extract the zip file and upload it to your project

Taonga07 (11)

python modules is python code which you can import.
python already knows where to look for them so can use the code. however you can also import your own code in python if it is in the same directory. i may not be completely right about the links though